Anti Aging/Reverse Age

Stopping aging is an old human dream. Turn back the ravages of time a bit or stop them? Is that possible? doctorfrost offers you a variety of ways to achieve this at least a little. With natural remedies, cold, heat, light and air, you can achieve good results. A visit to the cold chamber stimulates collagen production, tightens your skin all over your body and noticeably refines your complexion. Combined with light and oxygen therapy as well as vacuum lymphatic drainage, the positive effects are further intensified. In light and oxygen therapy, cellulite and skin problems can be effectively addressed through two special programs using red light.

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Vacuum lymphatic drainage, on the other hand, activates blood circulation with various over-suppression and suppression, stimulates your connective tissue and thus tightens your skin all over your body. With radio frequency skin tightening, wrinkles can be specifically treated with high-frequency, short-wave light and heat — completely naturally and without injections or Botox. Doctorfrost HBO Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a milestone in the development of anti-aging and reverse aging. Here, it is possible to lengthen the telomeres of the cells and thus counteract the aging process both internally and externally, as there is regeneration and rejuvenation at cell level. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you!

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