Funchal, 22.01.24 - Coolzoone Madeira is setting new standards with the opening of the world's largest longevity center on the breathtaking dream island of Madeira. The grand opening was marked by the personal presence of Madeirian President Miguel Albuquerque, who cut the red ribbon and thus marked the start of a new era in longevity, experience, performance and slow aging.

The official opening ceremony attracted attention from all over the world, as the unique center is not only an impressive architectural eye-catcher, but also breaks a total of nine world records. The variety of records underlines the special nature of this project, which is now considered a real magnet for health-conscious people from all over the world.

The importance of the center for the island should also be emphasized. Located right next to the renowned luxury hotel Savoy in Funchal and only 400 m from Cristiano Ronaldo's house, it is not only a highlight for visitors from all over the world, but also of great importance for the local economy and culture.

Coolzoone Cologne contributed to the smooth opening ceremony by providing years of research results and the necessary know-how.