Radio frequency skin tightening

Wrinkle reduction without scalpel

Wrinkles, sagging skin and cellulite can be treated extremely effectively using the radio frequency procedure and are a useful addition to light and ionized oxygen therapy, which tightens connective tissue all over the body.

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Using handpieces of various sizes, energy is gently directed into deeper layers of skin without damaging the skin barrier. Here, the radio waves heat up the tissue, cause the water molecules in the epidermis to vibrate and thus cause the collagen fibers within it to build up and contract. New collagen is formed. The skin tightens and becomes noticeably firmer and smoother. The depth of wrinkles is reduced during this process. All of this is achieved painlessly and non-invasively. We recommend 5-8 treatments, one week apart.

Key Benefits

•Skin tightening

•Wrinkle reduction

• Cellulite


15-20 minutes


At least 3 times a week


starting at 69€


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