Cold chamber -85°C

Feeling good through the cold

Originally from medicine, the benefits of cryotherapy are as varied as a Swiss Army knife. Cryotherapy (cold therapy) at -85°C strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation in the body, makes you fit and powerful in sports and everyday life, immediately creates a good mood, helps reduce pain, helps you lose weight, strengthens connective tissue, allows you to sleep better immediately and stimulates metabolism.

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All this is made possible by a strong release of happiness hormones, which is caused by the cold, and other processes that are initiated by the cold. The medical and 100% dry cold is very well tolerated and free from side effects. Cold therapy helps the body to help itself — gently, naturally and guaranteed without the addition of foreign substances.

Key Benefits

  • pain reduction
  • Performance increase
  • Mood-boosting
  • Collagen Booster
  • regeneration
  • Sleep better
  • Metabolism activation


3 — 4.5 minutes


1-2 times a week
possible every day


First time use 29€
Ten card starting at 219€


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