Frankfurter Löwen als Stammgast in der Kältekammer

The Frankfurt Löwen are not just relying on traditional training methods but are also incorporating innovative approaches to optimally prepare their players for the upcoming hockey season. In addition to intensive summer training at the Kalbach Athletics Hall, the team uses the facilities at doctorfrost in downtown Frankfurt to benefit from the advantages of Cryo Chambers. This method is increasingly being used in elite sports because it speeds up recovery and enhances performance. Players like Lua Niehus and Markus Schweiger not only undergo Grüling workouts but also expose themselves to sub-zero temperatures two to three times a week to increase their physical resilience and prevent injuries. This holistic approach not only strengthens physical fitness but also trains mental resilience.

Professionalization On and Off the Ice Rink

The coaching team led by Jan Barta and Janne Kujala not only attaches great importance to sporting development, but also to personal support for the players. The professionalization of the team is not only reflected on the ice, but also in the improvement of conditions such as living conditions, transportation and travel comfort.

With the appointment of Daniel Heinrizi as sports director and the rumors surrounding the potential new head coach Tom Rowe The team also appears to be stabilizing at management level and preparing for a successful season. The early start time of summer training allows players to be in top form early on and to prepare themselves specifically for the challenges ahead.

Overall, the Löwen Frankfurt initiative shows that they are on track not only sportively but also organizationally to be successful in the coming DEL season.