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Cryotherapy focuses on the short-term and highly effective relief of pain. In the cold, messenger substances are activated which reduce inflammation. An application in a cold chamber is like a natural painkiller. Coming from the fields of rheumatology and orthopedics, cryotherapy, particularly at -110°C, has been used there for decades in pain clinics and rehabilitation centers. While cryotherapy only alleviates pain but does not heal it, hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBO has a deeper effect at the cell level. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBO can lead to a noticeable improvement, particularly in cases of chronic pain, wound healing disorders and exhaustion. doctorfrost cooperates with the Hesse Rheumaliga in Frankfurt. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.

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Cryotherapy and rheumatism: Cryotherapy -85°C & -110°C can help you regain a better quality of life, especially for rheumatism or even fibromyalgia.

100% dry cold of below -70°C allows the body to release endorphins (happiness hormones), which lower inflammation levels in the blood. Through blood circulation, this inflammation inhibition benefits the entire body and reduces both muscle and joint inflammation as well as inflammation in the skin. The cold also improves blood flow to the entire muscles. As a result, muscle tone is regulated and tension is reduced. The increased blood flow also represents vascular training caused by the widening and narrowing of the veins and arteries.

doctorfrost cooperates with the Hesse Rheumatism League. Here you can get detailed help and advice on the subject:

Contact person:
Martina Walter, head of self-help group Frankfurt
Phone: +49 151 178 16 185

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