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Opening in July 2022 in Frankfurt, doctorfrost is a success story. Started during the energy crisis and recession, it reached break-even in just 11 months. It created a market in Frankfurt where there was none before. Within just one year, over 5000 customers were gained, with an average of 300 new customers added monthly. In a novel lifestyle-health concept, the latest products in biohacking and longevity are offered in a central location in Frankfurt’s city center, spanning over 240sqm. The focus is on cold, as it delivers immediate results and garners significant interest. Here, we are the market specialists and the quality provider. In addition to cryotherapy, complementary products are offered to broaden the revenue base.

doctorfrost offers effective products for the global megatrends of Longevity and Biohacking.

Biohacking, optimizing oneself with natural means, and particularly Longevity, living healthy and aging well, are the two major global megatrends of the present. doctorfrost has solutions for these. The second health market has been steadily growing for years, with over 5% annually, becoming increasingly important economically and socially as services on the first health market are being reduced. Bloomberg forecasts a volume of $3.6 trillion for the Longevity sector by 2027 - annually. Become part of this success story and leverage the potential of doctorfrost for yourself. We are looking for franchise partners in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to develop the market together and play a significant role in the future health market.”

Strong in both digital and analog with the all-inclusive package.

The market for Biohacking and Longevity in general, and Cryotherapy in particular, is still in its infancy. doctorfrost Franchise offers you the best building blocks to successfully participate in the market of the future: the best products, a strong and memorable brand, exceptional and high-quality point-of-sale design, an integrated marketing concept, a sophisticated booking app, fully digitalized processes for customer management, and the best devices on the market. You have the choice between four concepts of different sizes: a shop-in-shop solution for practices, hotels, and fitness studios; a 50-80 sqm solution called “Studio” for small to medium-sized cities, up to the 150 sqm “Lab” for large cities. The investment for a studio starts from €266,000. For more information on costs or financing options, you can get them during a personal meeting. doctorfrost offers you the right solution for your opportunities. With doctorfrost Franchise, you can fully focus on your business and no longer worry about many time-consuming details.

Together, we will be the first.

To enter into a franchise partnership with doctorfrost, you should be eager to be a pioneer and possess a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Experience in the sports or health sector is helpful but not mandatory. We are looking for partners who share a passion for innovation and are ready to be the first with us.

Together we are strong.

When you enter into a franchise partnership with doctorfrost, you can fully focus on developing your business and don’t have to worry about the many time-consuming details. We take care of the complex and costly marketing for you. You can take advantage of many benefits of a network to ensure a successful opening.

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