Light and oxygen therapy (MCS)

Short break in 8 minutes

Firm skin, deep relaxation, more energy and a good mood: Light has a big influence on your mood, energy level and skin. With light and oxygen therapy, you can choose between nine different programs, with different focuses, such as stress reduction, vitality, connective tissue tightening or performance.

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In 8 minutes, you can enjoy different light colors, warmth and different aromas. You also inhale ionized oxygen, which strengthens your immune system and relaxes you deeply. Doctorfrost Light and Oxygen Therapy MCS is a type of modern and healthy solarium. On cold winter days, light & oxygen therapy is a useful alternative to cold therapy. When combined, the positive effects of both therapies are further amplified.

Key Benefits

  • relaxation
  • mood enhancement
  • skin tightening
  • immune system strengthening


8 minutes


1-2 times a week
possible every day


10€ per application


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